Tim Edwards: The Coach From Down Under

tim edwards

When Tim Edwards grew up in Australia, somebody who said you were sensitive was challenging you to a fight. Tim was sensitive. He had to learn how to manage some very tough situations, without using his fists.


When we formed The Bridge Center, we wanted to make a home for distinctively impactful therapists and coaches—in a word: change-makers. We also knew we wanted to combine depth, and clinical and academic rigor, with practicality. Tim had managed a drug treatment program that Dan worked at years ago, and we knew that he had been globetrotting for over two decades, training in every coaching and therapeutic intervention he could find. The timing was right–he was about to marry his beautiful French girlfriend, Dona, and they were choosing a place to settle–and he got our vision of what we could build here.  Tim moved permanently to the U.S., got his citizenship, and became a cornerstone of The Bridge Center. We were quick to learn in our case conferences that our Director of Coaching’s one-two combination of profound insight and cut-to-the-chase practicality packs quite a wallop… the sensitive kind.


Trained in psychiatry at the University of Western Australia Medical School, Tim graduated with a Medical Degree (MBBS), but he found that he was more drawn to coaching his fellow students than he was to medicine. Fascinated by the psychological impact of medical training, he co-founded the school’s mentoring program and curriculum stream on personal and professional development, which they use to this day. Tim was inspired by Australia’s emerging shift to Personal Coaching over traditional psychiatric approaches, and he chose to forgo residency and medical licensure and devoted his life to the burgeoning Australian coaching movement.


Tim has spent the 20 years since then coaching people on ways to access their strengths, intuition, and common sense to overcome anxiety, depression, trauma and other psychological difficulties. He draws from the techniques of cognitive-behavioral, emotion-focused, humanistic, and depth therapies, as well as relational psychoanalysis. He has a specialty in coaching physicians and other medical professionals, who, as he learned in medical school, face unique challenges

Dr. Dan Quinn

Clinical Director - Licensed Clinical Psychologist (CA23350), Dan supervised the therapy and research of doctoral students at The Wright Institute, in Berkeley, where he has been a clinical supervisor. He has spent many years studying a multitude of therapy techniques, including relational psychoanalytic, cognitive behavioral, gestalt, solution-focused, and Internal Family Systems. He draws from all of them, depending upon the needs of the client at a particular point in the process. Dan was certified as a Positive Psychology coach after studying with its founder, Dr. Martin Seligman. He has 35 years of experience in the corporate arena, and was the CEO of a highly successful technology consulting firm.

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