Crazy Busy? Did You Know That We Offer Skype Appointments?

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Skype appointments

A lot of our clients are, how to put it, pressed for time. They often use terms like, “Hectic,” “Stressed,” and, “Crazy busy.” If Crazy Busy was a real diagnosis, we could say there’s an epidemic, especially in the Bay Area. So we conduct our sessions, fairly frequently, via Skype appointments. We’ve had sessions with people (couples, too) who were in their offices at work, at home in their living rooms or kitchens, and, occasionally, on a park bench or in a parking lot. All that’s required at your end is a quiet, private place where you won’t be interrupted, and a reasonably strong network signal. Bridge clients who try it almost always feel it’s a good alternative to in-person office visits.

We want to help you feel better and get your life on track, as effectively, and efficiently, as we can.


Telepsychology, as it’s called, is showing results comparable to therapy in the office,1 and for people who can’t take the time to travel back and forth to our offices, it’s proved in our experience to be highly effective.


For more information, just ask your Bridge Therapist or Coach, or call our Client Services Coordinator at (510) 246-3537.


1 Hancock, S. L., Stark, K., Kreiner, D., Walker, T., & Cordiero, A. (2016, Aug.). Website adherence to APA guidelines for the practice of telepsychology. Poster presented at the Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association, Denver, CO.


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Dr. Dan Quinn

Clinical Director - Licensed Clinical Psychologist (CA23350), Dan supervised the therapy and research of doctoral students at The Wright Institute, in Berkeley, where he has been a clinical supervisor. He has spent many years studying a multitude of therapy techniques, including relational psychoanalytic, cognitive behavioral, gestalt, solution-focused, and Internal Family Systems. He draws from all of them, depending upon the needs of the client at a particular point in the process. Dan was certified as a Positive Psychology coach after studying with its founder, Dr. Martin Seligman. He has 35 years of experience in the corporate arena, and was the CEO of a highly successful technology consulting firm.

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