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Berkeley Therapy: 6 Ways to Boost Your Creativity

What is creativity? There is no clear consensus on the exact definition amongst psychologists. The most popular definition suggests that creativity is the ability to solve problems in new and unique ways. That is...

5 Daily Actions to Build Your Self-Confidence

Everyone struggles with confidence from time to time. The way we feel about ourselves greatly influences the way we live. A lack of self-confidence will only limit you. Confidence will help you realize that...
couples therapy

Couples Therapy: 7 Signs of Trust Issues

Trust is very important for a committed relationship. Your partner should be your closest friend and confidant. Your partner should be able to open up to you about anything also. If you’re reading this,...
Oakland Therapy

Oakland Therapy: Social Media and Your Mental Health

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat. The era of social media has connected the global population more than ever before. However, the average American checks their phone as much as 80 times a day, and some...